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Untitled Page BCIEA is a non- profit organization dedicated to take the lead in the advancement of breast cancer surveillance and improved survival rates targeted to the most neglected population in the low income communities of East Africa.


Our Mission:

  • Breast health that emphasizes early detection of breast cancer
  • Home and community based instructional activities and events
  • Surveillance and statistical inventory of all aspects of the teaching/learning process is integral to the success of the program and catalyst to research into areas unique to the region
  • Establishment of a resource center to provide information, educational materials, audio/video demonstrations in English and local languages for community out reach activities
  • Center to provide training for volunteer recruits to serve in various capacities:
  •       - Awareness

         - Advocacy

         - Data collection, research assistants

         - Education

          - Fundraising, sponsorship, partnering

          - Media, promotion

          - Policy matters

    Our Vision

    To spearhead the creation of a Breast Health Initiative that educates, nurtures, changes and saves lives drawing on the strength of East African women meanwhile collecting essential data for conducting research on the cure of breast cancer.

    Our Philosophy

    BCIEA believes that change is a critical necessity that comes from within each individual. While we pride ourselves in our African culture, we recognize the need to change and modify some of our cultural aspects and practices to take advantage of technical advances for better life. Knowledge and understanding are the key elements to change and therefore education is the essence of BCIEA efforts to dispel myths and oppressive cultural practices while at the same time focusing on the basic human rights. Preventive health education is an affordable alternative which is a relevant and appropriate benchmark to early detection of breast cancer. An all inclusive multimedia information dissemination of educational information to family, village, church, community, and leadership aimed at enhancing acceptance of new technologies as proven effective in developed countries is a key component of our approach.